Environment in a Bottle Project

 The MS 2 group has started a new project. Judging by the exitement level in class, they are really looking forward to creating their own ecosystem in a bottle with living organisms and non-living factors. They will need to plan their project very carefully because their bottle ecosystem is going to be a closed system that has to sustain live autonomously, without human intervention – a real challenge!!

MS 2 learning partners will use their bottle ecosystem to study the interaction between living organisms (plants, animals and micro-organisms)  and  their physical environment. As a class towards the end of the project, we will choose two bottle ecosystem to investigate how human intervention in an environment influence an ecosystem. We will experiment with and simulate the effects of acid rain and pollution, which I am sure will lead to debating moral and ethical issues related to human intervention in an ecosystem.



2 Responses

  1. When do you give us marks for this project?

  2. Hallo Sarah,

    As a class we will decide the assessment criteria this coming week. I have a possible assessment rubric in mind but I want MS 2’s viewpoints before we do the assessment.

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